creating solutions that make a difference for business, community, and not for profit clients

What We Do

About Inspire Motives


Inspire Motives provides custom solutions for your organization including core business planning and support, plus a specialty in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) areas.  In the CSR space, services range from strategic program design all the way to team building exercises that help the community.  Expertise in CSR programs is available for global and multinational clients as well as community foundations and not for profit organizations.  Inspire Motives solutions make a difference both now and into the future.

The Approach


Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve Inspire Motives has you covered. The suite of tools and techniques used ensure alignment on where you need to go and we provide a collaborative solution that gets you there.  

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The Expertise


Experience in finance, accounting, board leadership, not for profit improvement, and global corporate citizenship provide a broad foundation to deliver solutions. And at Inspire Motives, we have been on both sides of the equation - those giving funding and those looking for funding. Given our background, Inspire Motives is uniquely qualified to provide solutions that makes a difference to clients. 

About Inspire Motives